Data Table

Select Rows

Click the name of a geographic feature to select the feature. A selected geographic feature will be shaded orange. Alternatively, hold 'Ctrl' to select multiple features or 'Shift' to select a range of features. Holding the 'Ctrl' key and clicking on a selected feature allows you to deselect it.

Adjust Column Width

Hold your mouse pointer over the divider between column headers and lateral arrows will appear. Click and drag the divider to adjust column width.

Change Column Order

Click a column header and drag it to change the location of this column within the Data Table.

Sort Columns

Click a column header to sort the table ascending/descending. Note that the Name column and the Indicator column of categoric indicators will sort alphabetically while the Indicator column of numeric indicators will sort numerically.

Magnifying Glass Icons

Click the magnifying glass icons to make the map zoom to individual geographic features.