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How to use the interactive tool


This report is designed to represent the geographical distribution of deprivation quartiles for the LSOAs of the sub region of

  • Leicester City
  • Leicestershire County
  • Rutland County.

As the 'master' report it is possible to open other partnership and authority specific reports by using the labelled buttons at the bottom of the report.

This 'master' report and all associated reports are made up of two maps that enable the user to compare two different deprivation domains from any year for one of the three comparative geographies, partnership/authority, East Midlands and England. It is only possible to compare the different deprivation domains within the same comparative geography.


Report Components

All components of the report have a small toolbar that becomes visible when you hover over the top right corner of the component.

There are three buttons available that allow the user to drag the component to another place within the report, to maximise the component to full screen and then restore it again to its original size and location or to close the component so that it disappears from the report. The components can also be resized using the little arrows that appear when you hover over the border or corner of the component.

To restore to the default layer of the report, as seen when the report first loads, right click anywhere in the report and choose 'Reset Layout' from the context menu.

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