The legend is displayed in the map layers list. It can be controlled by clicking on the 'pencil' icon next to the base geography name in this list. This will open the Legend Settings dialogue box.

Legend Settings

The items available in the Legend Settings dialog may vary depending on the data in the report and the way the report has been configured.

Border Colour

The colour of the border around each geographical feature on the map.


By sliding the bar, the transparency of the shaded features in the map can be altered.


You can change the colour palette used to shade geographic featuers in the map by clicking on a new palette.

Highlighting and Selecting

Hold your mouse pointer over a class in the legend to highlight the geographic features that fall into that class. Click a class to select the geographic features that fall within that class.

Contextual Map Layers

Click the check boxes to toggle the base geography (default is ticked) and contextual geographies on/off.

Background Mapping

Click the check boxes to toggle the background mapping on/off. Background images are 'scale dependent' - they may turn on or off as you zoom into or out of the map. Note that images may not be visible at full map extent and you may need to zoom to a smaller area for them to appear. Depending on how the report has been configured, it may take some time for background images to appear.