Click this button for all printing options. It is possible to print the whole report or just specific components (Tip: See the Report Components section to move or hide the components of the report to create a bespoke report for export).


You can decide if you want to print the dynamic report in 'Vector' or 'Bitmap' format. If you wish your vector layers to have transparency (e.g. if you have background mapping switched on) you should choose to print in 'Bitmap' format. If you do not require transparency you may choose the 'Vector' format which provides better quality - note that this option will only take effect if the resize option is selected.

Print Modes

There are two modes available: 'Rescale to fit page' or 'Resize to fit page'. 'Rescale to fit page' means that you will get exactly what you see on your screen as a printout, rescaled to fit the paper size. The quality of the output (especially text) might not be as crisp as for the resize option. The 'Resize to fit page' resizes all components individually to fit to the paper size. The output will be crisp but text in the report may appear larger than on the screen, you might see different chart axis labels and scroll bars appear although they are not present on your screen.

You have the option to have the buttons within the InstantAtlas dynamic report showing in your printed output. You can also choose to have the images and the background appear in the printed output by checking or unchecking the respective boxes.