Supporting Lone Parents into Work

About This Report:

Research was conducted during March 2007 with 283 lone parents living in Leicester using the peer research model to identify the local barriers to work. While lone parents in Leicester are not a homogeneous group, some common barriers emerged from the research. Not being in work was viewed as a temporary situation while children were still young. However lack of qualifications and experience in work often meant that aspirations of working were relatively low.

Absence of part time and flexible work was viewed as the main barrier. Good quality and affordable childcare was a concern not just for younger children but also for those of secondary school age. Pressure to be at home and working created a no-win situation with many feeling that asking for help was not easy. For many, working was seen as a huge risk for their family and the step was simply too big, particularly if it was into the unknown. For those in work support was still needed with many respondents struggling to progress.