An Analysis of Satisfaction for Leicestershire County

About This Report:

Ipsos MORI was commissioned by Leicestershire County Council to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the authority's Best Value Performance Indicator (BVPI) General User Survey data.

The principle goal of this piece of work is to explore in more detail than is possible through traditional cross-analysis of data (i.e. straightforward analysis of results by the major socio-economic variables) how Leicestershire County Council is performing - in short, to gain a better understanding of satisfaction. The most prominent indicator used to measure overall performance is BV3 (overall satisfaction with the authority), and unless otherwise stated, we shall be using this measure as the target variable – or the thing we are trying to better understand.

Over the course of the following chapters, we use three main statistical analyses. These are:

Key Driver Analysis
CHAID (Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector) Analysis
Ipsos MORI Frontiers Analysis

In the appendices, a full explanation of each of the analytical approaches used is given.

The report includes a summary of conclusions and implications.