Children and Family Services – Fostering Adoption Placement and Child in Care Service Market Position Statement, May 2017

About This Report:

This document is the first children's social care Market Position Statement and Commissioning Strategy (referred to as MPS) produced by Leicestershire County Council, Children and Family Services. It is intended to provide a comprehensive foundation for the delivery of safeguarding, fostering, adoption and placement services aligned to the County Council's sufficiency duty. The evidence provided in this document will help the Council and its commissioning partners to take a strategic approach to understand and meet the needs of Leicestershire's most vulnerable children. A climate of reduction in resources, public service reforms and the growth of personalisation require a shift in thinking. Therefore, a new approach and concept of managing these interfaces is now critical.

The context takes account of the wider statutory duties and policy decisions in which children's social care and support services are commissioned and delivered. It includes detailed intelligence on types of need, current level of need and forecasts future demand from a range of sources at specific points in time.

The MPS will inform planning and decision-making by children's social care service commissioners and business providers, who will be looking to develop quality, efficient and cost-effective approaches. Commissioning activities in order of priority will be set out in service delivery plans.

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