SROI Evaluation of Substance Misuse Work in Leicestershire Youth Offending Service


The aim of this evaluation is to use the principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI) to evaluate the value of the substance misuse work within Leicestershire's Youth Offending Service.

Key findings

The evaluation calculated that the substance misuse work creates a Social Return of approximately £4 for every £1 invested, within 2 years. The outcomes that created the most value were:

  • Reducing the cost to the health service of treating substance misuse
  • Reducing the cost of offending to the Criminal Justice System (YOS, Police, Courts, Custody)
  • Reducing DWP costs of supporting disengaged young people
  • Reducing the impact of offending for young people (predominantly those on referral orders)
  • Improving future prospects for young people (predominantly those on pre-referral orders)


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