SROI Evaluation of the Leicestershire & Rutland Community Safer Sex Project


This report uses the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to explore the value of the Community Safer Sex Project (CSSP) in terms of who is affected by the project and what changes for them. The Community Safer Sex Project (CSSP) was established in 2001 to support the emerging Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.

Key findings

This SROI evaluation of CSSP found that for each £1 invested in CSSP supporting Connexions Leicester Shire to deliver sexual health services between approximately £7 and £9 is returned in social value. Through measuring and valuing the social and economic benefits of CSSP, the following outcomes were found to create the largest value:

  • Reduction in teenage pregnancies for young people
  • Young people make more informed proactive choices
  • Reduced cost to public services of a teenage pregnancy
  • Better support for young people taking risks reduces the cost of disengaged young people
  • Improved access to emotional support for young people


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