Font Size

Changing the Text Size using Internet Explorer
From the top toolbar select View-> Text Size-> then select the appropriate size.

Browser menus to change font size

Image showing Browser menus used to change the font size of the web page.

Speech Enabled

Screen reader software is an audible means of accessing the information on a web page.
This site can be read using the FREE BrowseAloud software that can be downloaded onto your computer. Click on the image and follow the instructions.

Why speech enable the website?

Speech enabling our website provides an additional way of accessing our content for people who find it hard to read. This includes those with dyslexia or learning difficulties, those for whom English is not their first language, or anyone with a mild visual impairment. It is not designed to replace other screen readers.

What is browsealoud and how does it work?

Browsealoud is a solution that allows you to have website content read to you. As you move the cursor over text, it is spoken aloud. Browsealoud is free to download and you have control over the voice, word pronunciations and speech highlighting.

You download a free, small browser plug-in. Once the plug-in has been installed, content on this site can be spoken aloud.

Please click on the Browsealoud sign.

  • Link to download Browsealoud

Further Assistance

If you have any problems at all in accessing the content or data stored on LSR Online website then please don't hesitate to contact the website management team on 0116 3058148.