The following terms and definitions are used around the website.


Sustainable Community Strategy - This strategy outlines the things that local people see as a priority for improvement within Leicestershire over a 5 year period.


Standardised mortality ratio (SMR) is the ratio of the observed level of mortality to the expected level of mortality fixed to a reference level of 100.

The expected deaths are derived by applying the age-specific death rates for England and Wales to the corresponding age-specific resident population.


StAR is a Learning Skills Council acronym for Strategic Area Reviews. They are a vital part of the Government's 3 year "Success for All" reform strategy for post-16 learning and skills, designed to raise standards and transform local delivery.

Super Output Area

Super Output Areas, or more accurately Lower super Output Areas (LSOA) are a new geography for the collection and publication of small area statistics. It is planned to have 3 layers of SOA, the first two of which already exist. The SOA layers form a hierarchy based on aggregations of Output Areas (OAs).

  • Minimum population:1000
  • Average (mean): 1,500
  • Total areas in England and Wales: 34,378