Strategic Research Partnership

The Leicestershire (& Rutland) Strategic Research Partnership (formerly known as SARCOG) has been established by Leicestershire Strategic Senior Officer Group, Leicester Partnership Executive Group and Rutland Public Service Board to take forward the co-ordination of future requirements of new research in the sub region.


The aims and objectives of the Strategic Research Partnership (SRP) are:

(a) To improve sharing of data and better use of research to ensure that it meets the needs of policy makers and other key users – i.e. fit for purpose

(b) To make best use of the combined resources engaged in research type activities of all the key agencies/partners in the Leicester Shire and Rutland sub-region

(c) To improve the co-ordination of research across Leicester Shire and Rutland sub-region

(d) Where applicable, to remove unnecessary duplication of effort between different agencies/partners and to work collaboratively

(e) To develop a community of research analysts across the main agencies/partners to deliver research across the area (incorporating continuous professional development for researchers)

(f) Research planning should aim to operate with a long term view of around 3 to 5 years, with an annual research programme agreed by all the partners

(g) Develop a Research Governance Framework for the Group


The purpose of the Research Group is to:

(a) Identify current research requirements of the partnership agenda and determine the priorities for research in the Leicester Shire and Rutland area to assist in the development of a research programme for the sub-region

(b) To identify and realise the benefits of joint research projects for the partnership

(c) Promote evidence based research based on robust data, intelligence and analysis, public involvement

(d) Promote an integrated approach to research by raising awareness, avoiding duplication and where required, ensuring appropriate links are established

(e) Create a more robust evidence base for high level documents such the Local Area Agreements, the forthcoming Multi Area Agreement (and Comprehensive Area Assessment), Sustainable Community Strategy, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, etc.

(f) Provide an authoritative view on the sub-region’s research issues to partners and other organisations

(g) Create a research culture that is supported by partners

The Project Board meet regularly to review the progress of the LSR-Online website, ensuring it supports strategic priorities across the partnerships, and make strategic decisions for the future of the service.

SRP Sub Groups

The Strategic Research Partnership has created sub groups to manage key projects. These include;

  • Consultation - Co-ordinating consultation projects across SRP partners
  • Customer Insight - Co-ordinating the best approaches to Customer Insight methodologies
  • LSR-Online Review - This is a Task & Finish group looking at this website's future