Children and Families

CFS Placements Market Position and Sufficiency Statement

Leicestershire County Council's Children and Family Services department is committed to ensuring that Leicestershire is the best place for all children, young people and their families. Children and young people in Leicestershire are safe and living in families where they can achieve their potential and have their health, wellbeing and life chances improved within thriving communities.

Our Children's Social Care Placement Sufficiency Statement and Market Position Statement provides the basis for commissioning decisions, setting out our intentions for improving life changes of children and young people in care. It sets out the current position and our objectives for placements for children and young people from within our internal services and those we source from the external market with a specific focus on residential and fostering placements, as well as services for older young people (such as 16+ Supported Accommodation).

The current CFS Placements Market Position and Sufficiency Statement can be found at the link below.