Leicestershire 2015 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

(2nd September 2015) All chapters are written, but not all have been signed off as complete by senior management. If you require a draft copy of a chapter not yet available below, please email phi@leics.gov.uk

Joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs) analyse the health needs of populations to inform and guide commissioning of health, wellbeing and social care services within local authority areas.

In 2015, the JSNA refresh has focused on developing desktop access to a core set of population health needs data. The key findings from this data are presented in our executive summary and this is accompanied by more detailed reports for a number of key topics. All of the dashboards have been developed to include data on Leicestershire County Council and the 7 district councils, Rutland County Council, plus Leicester City and the two Leicestershire and Rutland CCGs of West Leicestershire, and East Leicestershire and Rutland.

Executive summary

JSNA - Easy Read version

Chapter 1: Background and demography

Chapter 2: Review of the 2012 Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Chapter 3: Giving children the best start in life

Chapter 4: Health and wellbeing of adults

Chapter 5: Issues specific to ageing

Chapter 6: Mental health

Chapter 7: Physical and sensory disability

Chapter 8: Learning disabilities

Governance for our JSNA

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is overseen by the JSNA/Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Steering Board, which reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Data dashboards updates

Data in the JSNA Core Data Set dashboards will be updated as part of a quarterly cycle. Updates will be in place by the last week of March, June, September and December each year.

The last update was December 2015.

The next update is due at the end of March 2016.

Further information

A series of data dashboards and reports is available as supplementary information to the main 2015 JSNA report and data pack. The following links may be helpful for further information about the needs and health of the population in Leicestershire:

The End of Life Care Profiles aim to improve the availability and accessibility of information around end of life care. The data has been taken from Public Health England's Fingertip tool available here: http://fingertips.phe.org.uk/profile/end-of-life. The dashboards provide comparative information on factors such as underlying cause of death and the place of death to describe population trends associated with the end of life. They are intended to help local government and health services improve care at the end of life.

The Sexual health assessment aims to provide a whole system evidence base to help understand the sexual health needs of Leicestershire and Rutland. It informs the development of a sexual health and HIV future direction.

This research aimed to provide useful data and insights to help inform Leicestershire County Council's cold homes and health programmes; but in particular the development of the new Warm Homes, Healthy Homes service.