Hinckley and Bosworth Neighbourhood Profile: Earl Shilton

About This Report:

The Earl Shilton Neighbourhood Profile is now available...

The Hinckley and Bosworth Priority Neighbourhood Profile for Earl Shilton is now available. This profile provides a comprehensive overview of the Earl Shilton intervention and monitoring areas. The report covers a range of useful baseline statistics for the area including information on demographics, deprivation, crime, economy, health, children and young people, and older people. Please note that data included in the report covers a range of geographies with the smallest being Lower Super Output Area and the largest being ward. Therefore the information included in the profile will not always identify all the issues occuring within the priority neighbourhood. The report is useful for anybody involved in Neighbourhood Management and Stronger Communities Partnership or interested in finding out more knowledge and information about the area. Profiles for priority neighbourhoods in other Leicestershire districts will be available summer/autumn 2007.

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Rosie Sutton