Diversity of Leicester

About This Report:

This booklet paints a picture of the people of Leicester. It tells how many people live in the city, their age and ethnicity, the faiths they follow and the languages they speak. It also reveals where and how they live, and many of the important issues facing the different groups of people who choose to live here.

Prepared by the Leicester City Council and the Leicester Partnership. Currently in DRAFT version only.


The purpose of this booklet is to provide a ready source of information in an easily accessible format for managers and other officers of local agencies responsible for designing and delivering services to the people of Leicester.


This story of Leicester is based on both hard statistical data and soft local intelligence. Inevitably statistics become dated and trends change and, while important for revealing broad pictures, they can also fail to highlight interesting and important local information.


The story provides a snapshot in time. It describes both the now, and what is expected in the future: how Leicester compares with other cities both in the East Midlands region and elsewhere, and to averages for England.

Only the most significant information has been included and inevitably much has been left out. Wherever possible, the location of more extensive information has been included for those who would like to know more. Of special importance is the detailed statistical evidence on Leicester brought together in the Leicester Shire Online Research Atlas, known as LSORA (www.lsora.org).

This booklet has been prepared by the Community Cohesion Project Team and the Leicester Partnership Information Group - both sub-groups of the Leicester Partnership.

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