Access Centres Study

About This Report:

This report has been prepared by the BE Group, on behalf of the Leicester Shire Economic Partnership (LSEP) and Leicestershire County Council.

In March 2004 the BE Group was commissioned to provide advice to the client partners regarding the future deployment of resources to 'Access Centre' development within Leicestershire's seven district council areas. In support of this aim the study has addressed three key objectives:
To map the current provision of both Access Centres and County Council/District Council/Voluntary Sector service access points, including the locations and range of services offered and to map this in a GIS database.
To identify gaps in current provision, potential sites for investment and to determine whether any of the service access points have the potential for expansion to an Access Centre function.
To provide prioritised recommendations regarding future investment of resources by the LSEP and County Council in Access Centre provision, and also identify where other partners might fill gaps in the provision.

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