Leicester City Council Residents Survey

About This Report:

Leicester City Council have recently commissioned MORI to survey 1500 city residents on a wide variety of issues covering their views about Leicester, their neighbourhoods, their involvement in local decision making, attitudes to Leicester, views on the Council and its services, and the Council's communications.

One hundred Afro-Caribbean residents were also interviewed as part of a booster sample. A separate set of Somali resident focus groups was held to aid ethnic sub-group analysis.

The survey sampling approach was based on the city's 9 area committees and city centre area. Sample quotas were set to represent the city's profile as a whole, for randomly selected output areas across the city. Each participant was asked for their demographic details as well as their working status, household composition and caring reponsibilities and whether they had any long term illnesses or disability.

The complete list of questions includes:

Participant profile:
- working status
- ethnic group
- household composition
- children in household
- home ownership
- long term illness & caring

Views of Leicester:
- satisfaction with services, city centre
- crime and anti-social behaviour
- aspirations for the city

Community involvement:
- sense of belonging
- integration and cohesion
- participation in decision making
- volunteering

Service experience & needs:
- transport
- service experience and needs
- accessibility needs
- communications
- computer accessibility
- physical activity
- environment

The questions were asked in face to face interviews, in conformance with the MRS Code of Conduct 1998. The data will be analysed by Area Committee areas which are collections of city wards, and the findings from the MORI survey will be publicly released on 14 December and a summary of the findings will be available through this website shortly after that.

For more details, please contact:

Irene Kszyk
Leicester City Council
Tel. 252 7164.