Leicestershire Ethnic Data 2006 (superceded)

About This Report:

These figures for resident population by ethnic group, broad age group and sex, mid-2006, (Office for National Statistics experimental statistics, August 2008) are now supserceded by revised and updated figure for ethnic groups for 2002 to 2009 published by ONS in May 2011. See ONS ethnic groups 2001-2009.

This data is extracted from the Office for National Statistics experimental Population Estimates by Ethnic Group for local authority districts in England for 2006 published in August 2008. The estimates are consistent with the previously published Mid-Year Population Estimates for 2006 published in August 2007. Figures for 2007 are also available, showing a slight increase in the population of non-White British origin from 2006 to 2007 (from 42% to 43% for Leicester City, and 10% to 11% for Leicestershire). However ONS are to revise these figures for consistency with revised population estimates.

Further information from web link ONS release calendar.