Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment

About This Report:

The Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) was commissioned to allow the Councils to look at what influences the housing markets, both from within the area and from the surrounding areas. The SHMA is part of the Government's requirements for planning and housing policy and will allow a greater understanding of the complexities of the housing markets and the interactions of supply and demand. It will allow policy to better reflect the requirements for affordable and open market housing in the future.

As well as house prices and affordability, the study reveals population trends and the housing needs of particular groups such as older people, young people and students. It also provides analysis of where people moving in and out of the sub-region come from and go to, information about journeys to work, the condition of the housing stock and required dwelling mixes.

The SHMA was carried out between July 2007 and September 2008, principally by B.Line Housing Information, Three Dragons and Rural Solutions. A project to enable local authorities to update the SHMA is ongoing in 2010.

This SHMA covers the eight local authorities of Blaby, Charnwood, Harborough, Hinckley & Bosworth, Leicester, Melton, North West Leicestershire and Oadby & Wigston. The full report, appendices and data models are available online

Appendices to the main report include;

1. Methodology
2. Leicester(&shire) Housing Market Area Review
3. Housing Supply
4. Employment and economy
5. Rural Housing
6. Student Housing
7. Stakeholder Consultations
8. Local Housing Ladders
9. Policy implications and options – discussion paper

For more information please contact the SHMA lead:
Valerie Bunting
Housing Strategy and Enabling Officer
Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
Council Offices, Argents Mead
Hinckley, Leicestershire. LE10 1BZ
Tel: 01455 238 141 Ext 5612