Population Estimates 2009 by Age and Sex

About This Report:

The following spreadsheets contains the Office for National Statistics (ONS) mid-2009 population estimates for Leicestershire, the seven Leicestershire Local Authorities, Leicester Unitary Authority, Rutland Unitary Authority and figures for regional and national comparison. There figures are estimates of resident population by age and sex. at 30th June 2009 and were published on 24th June 2010. In addition to the sheet with published 5 year age bands previously provided here, a further sheet with single year of age and sex bands for ages 0-24 has now been added.
These single year of age figures are unpublished, but have been made available here with ONS permission, due to the frequent need to use combinations of these age groups in service planning.

These ONS population estimates reflect the revisions published in May 2010 to mid-2002 to mid-2008 figures due to improved migration estimates.
Datasets based on the revisions will replace the existing data in the LSR-online Datasets section later, once ONS have released the experimental small area figures for 2009. Note that for the present, the 2002-2008 figures in the datasets are based on the figures before the migration revisions were made.

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