Updated Mid-Year Population Estimates from National Statistics

About This Report:

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate for the mid-2009 population of Leicestershire is 644,700, and Leicester 304,700, making the Leicestershire and Leicester sub-region about 950,000 in estimated population. The latest estimates follow from revised migration estimates and the publication of revised 2002 to 2008 estimates for all local authorities. The revised compared to the previous ONS mid-2008 population estimate for Leicestershire is 4,300 (-0.7%) lower, and for Leicester City is 9,100 (3.1%) higher.
The attached report gives further information, including figures for Leicestershire districts.
The supplementary spreadsheet shows the estimated annual population totals for 1991 to 2009, including Rutland and the former County.

Further information from Office for National Statistics web link ONS population estimates current datasets.

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