Population estimates 2010 by age and sex

About This Report:

Office for National Statistics (ONS) published mid-2010 population estimates on 30th June 2011. These are updated from the mid-2009 population estimates published in June 2010. They do not take account of information from the 2011 census.
The sheets attached here provide figures for Leicestershire, the seven Leicestershire districts, Leicester Unitary Authority, Rutland Unitary Authority and figures for regional and national comparison, giving
1) Rounded figures for 5 year age and sex bands
2) Unrounded single year of age and sex bands for ages 0-24.
The ONS terms and conditions include the following:
ONS provide unit-level estimates to enable and encourage further calculations and analysis. However, the estimates cannot be guaranteed to be as exact as the level of detail implied by unit-level data.
ONS request that data are rounded to the nearest 100 if quoted in any publication, documentation or similar.

Source: Office for National Statistics © Crown Copyright 2011
Further information from Office for National Statistics web link ONS population estimates current datasets.

ONS have scehduled publication of experimental small area estimates (Lower Super Output Area level) for mid-2010 for 28th September 2011. Until these are published the latest figures below district level are for md-2009. ONS 2001 to 2009 experimental small area estimates for ages 0-15, 16-24, 25-49, 50-64M/65F are now in the LSR-online datasets.

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