Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2012 - Key Documents

About This Report:

The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act (2007) places a joint statutory duty on upper tier local authorities and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to undertake a JSNA for their area.

The JSNA is a process that identifies the current and projected health and wellbeing needs of the local population. The JSNA is a key building block in enabling the understanding of the needs of local people. It contains our collective intelligence about local health and well being need, and forms a key element of the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Boards overall understanding of health and wellbeing. The JSNA is designed to underpin the commissioning priorities and strategic plans of the Local Authority and Local NHS. Specifically it will be used to inform the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy that is currently being developed.


The 2012 JSNA consists of the following parts:

Executive Summary (below) outlining the key headline findings of the 2012 JSNA and the priorities areas to be addressed to meet health and well-being needs. This is still under development and will be published later in April.
Key Findings and Recommendations Report (below) summarising the key findings and recommendations of each of the individual chapters.
Core Dataset (below) containing all the raw data presented within the 2012 JSNA, in static tables.

Full-Length Chapters - available on a separate page, provide in-depth information for each of the topics covered in the JSNA.
District-Level Reports - available on a separate page, containing relevant district data as individual reports which will be published in May.
Clinical Commission Group Reports - available on a separate page, containing relevant data for GP Consortia as individual reports which will be published in May.
Stakeholder Engagement - available on a separate page, containing information on the views of stakeholders and how these have influenced the development of the 2012 JSNA

JSNA 2009 - Information on the previous JSNA can be found here.


The Leicester City JSNA can be found at the links below:

Strategic Summary Document
Specific and Summary Needs Assessments

The Rutland JSNA can be found here

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