Leicestershire County Council Green Spaces Consultation Report

About This Report:

Early in 2011, the county council asked the public to say which local green spaces they particularly valued and why. This was in response to Government proposals to create a new designation, to protect green areas of particular importance to local communities.

A key aim of the green spaces consultation was to give the data back to local people to enable them to use the findings for neighbourhood planning and local campaigning. With this in mind, the main aim of this report is to summarise, at a county level, which types of green space local people find important and determine how and why people value and use them. In order to do this, the analysis within this report focuses on answering the following set of key questions:

1. What local name is used?
2. What types of green spaces are being selected?
3. Can these types of green spaces be grouped together?
4. What is it about green spaces that people particularly value and think are important?
5. Can aspects of green spaces that people value be grouped together?
6. Are different types of green spaces valued for different reasons?
7. How could these green spaces be improved?
8. How big are the green spaces being selected?
9. How far are the green spaces from population centres?
10. What is the relationship between the size of a green space and the distance from a population centre?
11. What are the main messages from the online responses?
12. What are the main messages from the Community Forum responses?
13. What did Parish Councils say?