Unemployment Bulletin November 2017

About This Report:

The monthly unemployment bulletin contains a range of unemployment related statistics, covering Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The JSA claimant data in this bulletin is available down to ward level. The JSA data is also available broken down by the detailed ethnic groups down to Local Authority level. Combined data on JSA and Universal Credit is also included in the analysis.

The population figures used to calculate residence-based proportions (rates) have changed from working age (16-59f/64m) to aged 16-64 for both males and females. This change affects rates from July 2010 so rates are not currently comparable to previous dates.

Unemployment data for the sub-region is also available in interactive Tableau dashboard containing historical claimant count data back to July 2010:

Unemployment Dashboard

N.B. Dashboard requires Internet Explorer 8 and above or comparable browser.

Employment Dashboard

In addition, the annual Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) provides data on the total number of people in employment by full/part time and industry.

Business Register and Employment Survey dashboard

A detailed commentary of the national picture is available from the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion

Archived versions of the Unemployment Bulletin can be found here