Leicestershire Statistics and Research Online (LSRO) holds over 800 statistical datasets about local communities, accessible as thematic maps or tables, as well as a wealth of professional research reports with in depth analysis.

Statistical datasets are stored by the geographies at which the data is collected. This means that certain datasets are only available at certain geographical levels. For example, Deprivation data is only available at SOA level and Obesity data is only available at Ward level.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a principle based framework for measuring and accounting for a much broader concept of value. It incorporates social, environmental and economic costs and benefits into decision making, providing a fuller picture of how value is created or destroyed.

The Office of National Statistics have released the second (of four) Census data releases. Reports detailing the headlines so far at Leicestershire Local Authority level have been produced.

What is the data telling us? Can it be more interactive, allowing the user to explore patterns and relationships?
Here are some data visualization tools and techniques being used, with local data, to help inform policy across Leicestershire.

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31st March 2011

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