The following terms and definitions are used around the website.


A Ward is one of the four geographical groupings used by LSR Online, and describes a collection of Super Output Areas. Each geographical District (e.g. Leicester, or Harborough) is sub-divided into Wards. For example, Stoneygate Ward is a Ward belonging to the Leicester district. Wards are built up from Super Output Areas.


Worklessness is defined as detachment from the formal labour market in particular areas, and among particular groups. Workless individuals include individuals who are unemployed and claiming unemployment benefits, individuals who are economically inactive and eligible for inactive benefits (who may or may not be claiming them), and individuals who are working exclusively in the informal economy (who may or may not be also claiming benefits).

(Source: DWP - Research Report No 255. 'Understanding workless people and communities: A literature review'. Helen Ritchie, Jo Casebourne and Jo Rick. 2005)