• 2021 Census

    2021 Census

    Data from the 2021 Census is scheduled for release from June 2022.

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  • Leicestershire Socioeconomic Summary

    Leicestershire Socioeconomic Summary

    A summary of socioeconomic information for Leicestershire, covering population, economy, health and contextual data.

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  • LSR Statistics and Research

    LSR Statistics and Research

    LSR Statistics and Research is a partnership site providing open access to data, maps and reports about the communities in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

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  • Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2018-21

    Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2018-21

    The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) analyses the health needs of the population. This informs and guides the commissioning of health, well-being and social care services. The JSNA also underpins health and well-being strategies.

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  • Population Estimates

    Population Estimates

    The latest population estimates were released by the Office for National Statistics in June 2021.

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  • Population & Census

    Current and future population figures, and a range of data from the 2011 Census.

  • Economy

    Data on employment, unemployment, earnings and hours worked.

  • Crime & Community Safety

    Data on different types of crime, such as antisocial behaviour and domestic violence.

  • Area Classifications

    For information on deprivation, neighbourhood types, and urban and rural areas.

  • Performance Reports

    Information on how our councils are performing against targets.

  • Surveys

    Analysis of national and local surveys