Census 2011 - Transport

About This Report:

On January 30th, 2013, ONS released a range of data from the 2011 Census at a small area level. The report and interactive dashboards below analyse data from the two transport-related census questions:

  • Car and Van Availability
  • Method of Travel to work

The first dashboard presents data from both questions down to LSOA level. In addition, the data is combined with socioeconomic data in order to provide further contextual analysis.

2011 Census - Transport Key Stats Dashboard

Headline data is also available at ward level in the dashboard below:

2011 Census - Transport Ward Dashboard

The third dashboard allows users to select multiple LSOAs on a map, with the dashboard aggregating the data for the area. This is of particular use to policy makers in transport.

2011 Census - Transport Area Select Dashboard

N.B. requires Internet Explorer 8 and above or comparable browser.

The dashboard compliments previously published work covering Census Key Statistics for the county and Leicestershire local authorities:

2011 Census Key Statistics Dashboard
2011 Census Key Statistics Headline Report

For more information, please contact:

Alex Lea
Research and Insight Manager
Research and Insight Team
Leicestershire County Council
T 0116 305 6803
E alex.lea@leics.gov.uk