Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles

About This Report:

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles, collated by Public Health England, provide data to help monitor the health of the population and performance of the local public health related systems.

The profiles provide a snapshot of sexual and reproductive health across a range of topics including teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, HIV, sexual transmitted infections and sexual offences. Wider influences on sexual health such as alcohol use, and other topics particularly related to teenage conceptions such as education and deprivation level are also included.

The Sexual and Reproductive Health data is available as a fully interactive dashboard in Tableau. The data visualisation presents data for the available indicators at England level, upper tier local authority and (where available) lower tier local authorities. This dynamic visualisation allows the user to compare between similar areas and geographical neighbours.

Please note the reports and the data visualisation will be revised and updated in coordination with statistical releases from Public Health England.

To access the data visualisation please click HERE

For more information, please contact:

Natalie Greasley
Public Health Analyst
Public Health Team
Leicestershire County Council
T 0116 3055586