Reasons why people with dementia are admitted to a general hospital in an emergency

About This Report:

In July 2015, Public Health England (PHE) published a briefing and data set looking at reasons for emergency admissions for dementia patients. This data briefing has been developed as partnership between NHS England and the Dementia Intelligence Network (DIN). The briefing presents the findings from the analysis of the inpatient Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data set for 2012/13. It focusses on the provision of care for people living with dementia rather than the process of acquiring a diagnosis, and highlights key issues in relation to those individuals with dementia being admitted to an acute general hospital and the reasons for which they are admitted.

This set of summary reports provides key findings from the analysis using the above HES data set for Leicestershire districts and Rutland, and the CCGs. It also provides an overview of dementia prevalence as recorded on GP registers and future dementia prediction.

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