Population Estimates Trends Updated to 2010

About This Report:

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate of the mid-2010 population for Leicestershire is 648,700, and Leicester 306,600, with the Leicestershire and Leicester sub-region about 955,400 in estimated population. Office for National Statistics (ONS) published mid-2010 population estimates on 30th June 2011. These are updated from the mid-2009 population estimates published in June 2010. They do not take account of information from the 2011 census.
A brief report is attached giving details of the latest figures including Leicestershire districts, Leicester City and Rutland. Changes since 1991 and 2001 are described also. The report finally gives details of where to find further information on ONS population estimates.
A spreadsheet attached here give ONS annual total population estimates for 1981-2010.
Source: Office for National Statistics © Crown Copyright 2011

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