Census 2011 - LSOA population by sex and five year age bands

About This Report:

The following interactive dashboard contains information on population for Leicestershire Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs).

Census 2011 LSOA population dashboard by sex and quinary age (N.B. requires Internet Explorer 8 and above or comparable browser).

LSOAs are small units of geography (containing, on average 1,500 people) used for the dissemination of census data. The dashboard enables users to navigate to a specific LSOA within a district, and select that area using the tick box next to the LSOA. Selecting more than one LSOA will aggregate the data for that area and is useful for custom areas such as the LSOAs covering a specific settlement.

The dashboard includes the raw data, a population pyramid and charts showing the change since the 2001 Census, split by sex and five year age bands. The dashboard builds on previously released population data for Leicestershire local authorities available here. To produce a PDF summary of ward-level data, click on the icon in the middle of the dashboard at the foot of the page.

More information on the 2011 Census is available here.

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