Social Return on Investment (SROI) of Opening Doors and Employment Solutions

About This Report:

Principles of SROI were used to evaluate the impact of the 2012/2013 Innovation Fund. Two projects, Opening Doors and Employment Solutions, were able to evidence their impact through SROI. The evaluations calculated that both projects created approximately £10 for every £1 invested. The outcomes that created the most value for Opening Doors were:

  • Meeting other people and using their skills enables older people to feel appreciated, useful and better about themselves
  • Making local networks and feeling positive makes them feel more part of their community
  • Reduction in cost of hospital admissions
  • Reduction in cost of social care agencies

The outcomes that created the most value for Employment Solutions were:

  • Increased income and reduced DWP payments through supporting young people into employment and self-employment
  • Value to young people of being supported into volunteering
  • Value to young people of increased aspiration and motivation

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