Forecast Social Return on Investment (SROI) of supporting the Community Meals Service in Leicestershire

About This Report:

The aim of this report is to use the principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI) to forecast the value of Leicestershire County Council's contract with the Community Meals Service in Leicestershire. The Community Meals Service provides hot meals to elderly residents in Leicestershire 365 days a year. This forecast SROI estimates that for every £1 invested in supporting the Community Meals service approximately £2 is returned in social value. 21% of the value is achieved through outcomes for lunch club users, 34% for family members and 41% for those receiving meals at home.

The outcomes that created the most value were:

1. Receiving a daily meal
2. Peace of mind for the family
3. Feeling part of the community for lunch club attendees
4. Daily contact for isolated older people receiving meals at home
5. Reduced risk of malnutrition for those who are supported to eat their meal

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Joëlle Bradly
Research and Insight Team
Leicestershire County Council
Tel: 0116 305 5883

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